Greener office printing

Companies of all sizes are finding it necessary to cut their operational print costs both to save money and meet environmental requirements. Your first priority is to identify where company waste is. Then you can address the problem. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Establish a code of practice to reduce what is printed, for example:
    • Use the print preview button to check document layout
    • Check that you don't print blank pages
    • Reduce the use of separation sheets where possible
    • Send an email rather than a letter
    • If you want to print from a web page, copy and paste the text into a Word document. You then get just what you want.
    • Don't print unecessary images
    • If a hard copy is not necessary, save it as a pdf
  2. Set your printer to default duplex to save on the amount of paper you use
  3. Use recycled paper. Check with your supplier that it has a post-consumer content of 50% or more. 1 ream of paper uses 6% of a tree (How big is that tree?)
    Recycled paper is marginally more expensive, but is just as high quality as standard copy paper these days and should not jam in the printer
  4. Recycle your waste paper. Consider having a recycling box next to the printer. A study by Lexmark found that 17% of printed output was thought of as waste - for example, the banner or url from a web site printed on a separate page, the bottom part of an email with all the disclaimers and chain replies
  5. Recycle your toners and cartridges. Many manufacturers provide a reply-paid postal service for used toner cartridges
  6. Use the power-save setting on your printer
  7. Switch the printer off overnight if it will not be used
  8. N-Up printing - for office copies, use the multiple pages per sheet setting when printing
  9. The greenest print job is the one you don't commit to paper

How can we help you?

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