Manage your document printing - copies, overlays, logos, duplex or simplex
where you want, how you want and with just one click

Top copy with logo and Terms overlay on reverse
Top copy with Terms overlay on reverse
Continuation page, no logo, no Terms
Continuation page, no logo, no Terms
Copies, no logo, no Terms, toner saving, duplexed 2nd page
Copies, no logo, no Terms, Toner saving, duplexed 2nd page

With DoCPrint, printing is greener, easier and cost effective.

DoCPrint's "One Click" printing system manages document production effortlessly.

DoCPrint gives you total control over how and where your documents print.

DoCPrint and green issues

By automating duplex and toner saving mode, DoCPrint reduces the amount of paper and toner required for routine print jobs. You can make toner savings of up to 50% and reduce the amount of paper you use substantially.

DoCPrint saves money

DoCPrint can replace or add to pre-printed stationery by using overlays. You can for example, add logos, departmental details or partners lists to your standard headed paper reducing the number of pre-printed stationery types you need. Using overlays to add company, address and telephone details reduces wastage should they change, for example, changing font styles when rebranding or merging with another company.

DoCPrint can also eliminate the need for multi-part sets and impact printers by using copies, logos and overlays to replicate each page of the set. Each set can be collated or you can send different parts to different printers, for example, despatch copies to the warehouse printer. Printing copies at the same time as originals also save trips to the photocopier.

The cost of office printing averages between 5 and 15% of annual turnover so substantial savings are possible.

DoCPrint is easy to use

You create a Print Profile using DoCPrint Commander by clicking buttons just as you would select print options in a standard MS Windows Print Dialog box. Save it with an explanatory name like "Invoice" or "Statement". When you want to print an invoice for example, select "Invoice" from the Pop-Up print menu and your document will print with all the copies, overlays on the correct paper and to the appropriate printer.

These print commands can be embedded in a template for completely automatic document production.

If you are currently using pfc paper selection bracket commands, these are also compatible.