Seven ways to save money on your printing costs

Did you know that many companies and businesses spend up to 5% of their total turnover on in-house printing? You buy printers, toner and paper as well as maintenance kits and service costs. The cost of consumables soon outstrips the initial cost of the printer. You want to save money on toner, but are not prepared to use refilled or non-branded cartridges. Paperless office? It's a myth! But there are ways to reduce the amount of paper your office uses. So, how can you cut costs?

Toner use

Consider using the toner-saving settings on your printer. You can reduce the amount of toner you use by up to 50% by doing this. One network laser printer with a monthly duty cycle of 300,000 pages will use about 10 toner cartridges in that time. (OK, you know most printers aren't working at that rate, and you may only use ten toners a year). Toner cartridges cost between £100 and £150 each. You could save up to £750 per printer per year on toner. The print quality on modern laser printers when using toner saving settings is very acceptable.

What are you printing to?

The workgroup laser is always going to be more economical and reliable than the desktop inkjet printer. Most offices have a workgroup printer within easy reach of all desks. (And its good to stretch your legs once in a while). By ensuring that most documents are sent to the workgroup printer, substantial page cost savings can be made. The personal printer has its place for the occasional colour document or confidential letter, but most printing should be sent to the departmental printer.


Cut photocopier charges by printing copies on the network printer. Saves time too.

Duplex printing

Printing documents duplex will enable you to cut paper costs in half, as well as reducing the amount of storage space required for file copies.

Cut down on paper types

How many pre-printed paper types do you really need? By adding digital overlays to stationary with your company logo, you can create all your paper types. If your company details change, you don't need to change all your pre-printed stationary, you just change the overlay.

Throw away your dot matrix printer

Now that laser printers have 3 or 4 paper trays, you can emulate multipart sets by using different papers in the printer. You get better print quality and there is no manual separation. It's environmentally friendly too, no more coated paper.

Don't print it at all

Send it digitally. When you receive an email, download a pdf or look at a useful web page, ask yourself, do I really need to print that?

Auto Print Technology produces user-friendly software to automate the first six cost cutting solutions. The last one is down to you!

Greener printing with DoCPrint software

The latest version of DoCPrint now incorporates toner and paper saving options. By automating the way that drafts and copies are printed, your toner costs can be cut by up to 50%.

Selective use of duplex printing not only saves paper, but the space required for filing will also be reduced. With our software, when printing on headed stationery, you can print duplex or simplex from the same paper tray. Your printing will always be on the correct side of the paper and with the correct orientation.

You could save the cost of a DoCPrint licence in the first six months use.