DoCPrint Installation Guide

DoCPrint software manages your printed output, automating the production of your documents with copies, overlays and logos. You can add different overlays to your top copy and other copies.

You can print single or two-sided, with or without toner saving. You can print duplex and simplex from the same paper tray and your printed document is always on the correct side of the paper with the correct orientation.

You can print from any combination of input trays to different output bins. You can print documents to your local printer and copies to other printers - with one click - automatically.
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The program you receive is a complete version, but until it is registered, it will be restricted to:

Full functionality is unlocked on registration.
There are two stages to the installation.

Install DoCPrint 1

Install DoCPrint 1

Install DoCPrint 1

Installing DoCPrint

  1. Check that you have sufficient access rights to install programs, add services and to add a local printer.
  2. Check that the printer you will be using with DoCPrint has the latest PCL5e, PCL5c or PCL6 driver installed and that it is functioning correctly.
  3. Close all open programs.
  4. If you are installing from a CD, the installation program should start automatically. If not, run setup.exe from the CD or from the folder where you saved the DoCPrint installation program.
  5. During installation, you will be given several options.
    The following notes assume that have accepted the defaults.
  6. If DoCPrint is installed on a server, you may need to install DoCPrint WorkStation on each PC if you want "PopUp" menus available.
Install Demo Files:

The demo files include sample excel invoices, overlays etc.

Tray selection by media type:

Check this box if you wish to use media type e.g., plain, pre-printed, letterhead. The default setting is selection by tray number

PHILCo compatatible tray mapping:

Check this box if you are currently using an EIT PHILCo in-line controller box

Use PopUp:

Check this box if you wish to use the PopUp menu to control printing output, and you are not installing DoCPrint on a server

All these options can be changed in DoC Commander.

Stopping the print spooler

During installation, a prompt will give you the option to stop and restart the print spooler. If you select the "No" option, you must re-run the program when it is convenient to stop/start the spooler.

Once installation is complete, check the box if you wish to start DoC Commander to configure DoCPrint.

Configure DoCPrint